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Four Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

April 14, 2015


Treating mom on that special Sunday in May is a small way to say thanks for all the wonderful things she’s done for you all year. If you’re once again stumped for a gift that will make her feel loved and appreciated, we’ve got four unique ideas for making mom happy:

1.) Birthstone Bracelet-What mom could resist a beautiful bracelet adorned with her children’s birthstones? An affordable but thoughtful gift idea, this piece of jewelry will be something for mom to treasure for years to come.

2.) Chef Delivery-While these recipes still require prep, the folks at Blue Apron have taken the guesswork out of mealtime and provide fresh ingredients and ideas delivered to your door. Mom will appreciate a vacation from planning and shopping for meals.

3.) Maid Service-Nothing makes mom feel more relaxed than a break from the usual duties of cleaning and caring for the home. A maid service can provide deep or light cleaning services just in time for mom’s day. Contact us at: 707-759-3896 or learn more about our service offerings here.

4.) Scrapbook-Designing a scrapbook is a terrific way to personalize a gift to mom and make her feel warm and fuzzy. Add tons of family photos, stickers and finish with a poem or loving note.

Still not sure what to get mom? Check out these Pinterest boards for fresh ideas and inspiration!
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Merge your Cleaning Routine with your Workout Routine

April 6, 2015


Here in 2015, time is valuable. As a society, we are always looking for ways to kill 2 birds with one stone, and get things done faster and more efficiently.

Here’s how you can save a few minutes every day by getting your workout as you clean your house.

1. Turn up the jams. Recent studies have revealed that loud music that is at least 120 beats per minute can increase the speed at which you exercise. This works the same for cleaning, plus you can accomplish much more in less time when you’re mood has been boosted by awesome tunes.

2. No matter what you’re doing, flex. Whether you are sweeping, vacuuming, or dusting your house, concentrate on flexing muscle groups as you clean. Test yourself to see if you can keep them flexed the whole time you do each task.

3. Vacuum everything weekly. Your floors gather tons of dust just through regular use, but your couch cushions, drapes, and blinds could also use a quick swipe. The back and forth motion is great for your arms and your abs.

4. If you need to get to hard to reach spaces as you go through the house, flex your ab muscles and squat instead of bending to maximize your efforts.

5. As you clean your shower walls, use large, sweeping movements instead of wiping in small circles. Always keep your arms flexed to keep those muscles awake.

6. Make things harder for yourself. Instead of leaving things in a pile at the bottom of the stairs to be taken up all at once, take items up one at a time. Or, consider cleaning one room upstairs and then one room downstairs and running back and forth. As you go up and down the stairs, do so quickly so that your heart rate doesn’t lose momentum.

7. While you wash dishes at your sink, do calf raises. Go up on your toes, hold for 5-10 seconds, and slowly come back down. Do these continuously until the load of dishes is finished.

Do you workout while you clean? What’s your favorite cleaning workout?