7 Ways to Streamline Your Laundry Routine

Whether your 5-year-old has a penchant for dressing up in multiple outfits a day or your beloved is a serial pajama rotator, there are ways to more efficiently and effectively manage all those clothing overflows. Here are our top seven tips for dealing with a serious load (pardon the pun) of laundry:

  1. Wash Day-Rather than wash clothing every single day, let it grow and reserve one day for washing all the socks, play clothes and towels that have piled up. On two other days, designate time for folding and hanging up clothes.
  2. Universal Detergent-Unless someone in your household has super sensitive skin, it’s fine to use the same detergent for adult and children clothing. Feel free to pre-treat spots with the same laundry stain remover as well.
  3. Kids vs. Adults-Separate clothing into kids and adult clothing for washing, it will be faster and easier to organize and sort. It also helps to have kid and adult laundry piles for putting away.
  4. Wet Shake-If you shake out wet clothing after a round in the washing machine to catch last minute stains and prevent wrinkles.
  5. Sorter Wonder-Splurge on a laundry sorter to manage darks, whites and colors. This sorter will restore your sanity.
  6. Forget the Hampers-Kids’ laundry tends to accumulate by leaps and bounds and by the time it’s dumped from the hamper into the laundry room, the pile is huge. Rather than let it collect, have laundry bins that kids can use directly situated in the laundry room, and then it will be easier to see the amount of laundry that is ready and waiting to be done.

Brighten It Up-There are many great resources and blogs for finding more tips on streamlining your laundry routine but remember to keep the laundry room inviting and the laundry war will be an easier fight. Try photographs or fun decals, decor or wall art.


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