5 Housekeeping Goals and Super Easy Ways to Achieve Them

If every year you start out January with good intentions of cleaning, sorting and donating all your old and unwanted items, but then find yourself losing momentum in March, you’re not alone! Many people adhere to resolutions only for a short time. It’s often a better strategy to set realistic and firm goals in order to keep your resolutions. Here are five common housekeeping goals and ways to keep them this year:


1.) Trimming Your Cleaning Budget-There are many ways to stretch your dollars and cents, the best thing to do is to find ways to not spend a lot on products and tools. There are countless recipes for creating homemade cleaning solutions available for free online. Another smart strategy? Look for giveaways, coupons and freebies online. Check here for information on current contests and promotions that are available for entering. Prizes include money, grocery cash and vacations.


2.) Speedier Cleaning-Crank up your favorite Beyoncé song or rock out to Maroon 5. Cleaning can be made more speedy and enjoyable if you add music to the mix. Other top tips? Clean your least favorite room first, keep cleaning supplies grouped together and don’t let messes pile up. Daily dishes are a lot easier to manage than a week’s worth of plates and utensils.


3.) Clutter Cutbacks-Hoarding is the enemy of a clean home. If you are a clutter bug and love your papers, collectibles and books, you’re more likely to live in a messy dwelling. If you can reduce your mountains of miscellaneous, you’ll have more cleaning energy and space for new things. Remember that stuff begets stuff.


4.) Managing Fledgling Motivation-If you can’t seem to get motivated to keep your house clean, have a standing dinner party-hosting gig. No one wants guests to see a messy and mismanaged home. If you’ve got a regular social date with friends at your house, you’ll be forced to keep things neat and tidy.

5.) Enlist Everyone

A clean house involves contributions from all members. Whether you have a weekly family meeting or chore charts, it’s important to make each member of the house feel valuable and accountable. Teaching everyone responsibility will ensure that a home stays clean. When all the family members are pitching in, a home will be effortless to keep clean.


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