5 Reasons to Free Your Wife from Housework

Arguments about cleaning and the division of household chores can cause tension and strife in an otherwise happy relationship. Women are still the ones doing the majority of housework and are often relegated to a ‘second shift’ of cleaning and errands even after they’ve gotten off work. While there are many families with men and women both actively participating in running the household, studies have found that men have more leisure and ‘me time’ than their wife/mom counterparts. If you’d like the woman in your life to enjoy more time to herself, here are 5 concrete reasons to let her spend more time free of housework:


1.) Less Stress

When your wife is able to enjoy a glass of wine and a good book or a spa day or even have time for a special girls day out, she’ll feel more energized and excited about life. A wife that is less stressed and burdened will radiate more calm and her household will be more blissful. Don’t let overwhelming housework tasks cause strain and stress on your relationship.


2.) Happier Union

Marriages are stronger when a family has time to spend together. Whether it’s going to the zoo or having a dinner outside the home, marriages blossom and flourish when there is time for activities. If your wife is always busy and preoccupied with dishes, vacuuming, washing windows and dusting, there will be less time for family bonding.


3.) Healthier Partners

If your wife has more time to go to the rec center for her favorite fitness class or prepare healthier meals, she’ll have a fitter physical self and more longevity. With less cleaning to be accomplished, she’ll feel free to take a long walk outside or go to that new yoga studio down the street and her mind and body will benefit.


4.) Attitude Adjustment

When your wife is beleaguered and bogged down with household chores in addition to being the momager of the household, she feels constant stress and pressure and loses her optimism. No one wants to spend all their free time cleaning and organizing. When your wife or partner is free from household obligations, she’ll feel lighter and cheerier.


5.) Passion Party

When your wife is absolved from the myriad of cleaning responsibilities of every day life, she’ll have more time for rest, relaxation and be more inclined to being amorous. If your ladylove is liberated from daily chores, she’ll have more free time to spend in the bedroom. 😉


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