Oops! 5 Things You’re Forgetting but Need to Clean

Cleaning the kitchen is a given. Scrubbing toilets is a frequent pastime. Wiping floors and countertops is a foregone conclusion. But how often do you remember to clean those other items in your life that you use daily? Here are 5 items that need your cleaning attention stat!


1.) Winter Wardrobe Staples

Gloves, scarves and winter jackets all need to be cleaned just like other clothing items. Using these items on a regular basis allows them to accumulate dirt, dead skin and all sorts of bad bacteria. Also, pets can harbor pathogens, which can find their way onto clothing outerwear. It’s important to launder winter garments and wipe leather gloves and jackets with cleansing cloths.


2.) Grimy Gym Bags

Frequently toted to a place where floors are covered in sweat, workout bags are the perfect place for nasty microbes to find a home. Sweat covered clothing and dirty socks are transported along with sweaty headsets and tennis shoes. If your go-to gym tote is machine washable, throw that sucker in the washing machine for a mean clean. If the bag is not laundry-friendly, wipe it down with disinfecting cloths and sprinkle in some baking soda to absorb odors.


3.) Brooms and Mops

Cleaning tools need to be scrub a dub dubbed just as much as any other item. Dust, dirt and even spider webs can find a happy home inside the broom bristles. It’s important to regularly vacuum a broom and run it under warm water or better yet, soak in a bath of bleach, soap and water. A mop can be soaked in warm, soapy water, while a string mop can be thrown in the washing machine on delicate.


4.) Electronic Devices

A TV remote can be one of the most dirt-laden items in a house. And cellphones are oftentimes the most crud crusted in all the land. Cleaning electronics is easy with alcohol wipes or microfiber cleansing pads. For remotes, try a regular swipe and wipe with disinfecting cleansing cloths.


5.) Makeup Brushes

Almost every woman owns some cosmetic product or beautifying foundation, mascara or blush. Moreover, women apply their cosmetics with makeup brushes that are bountiful bacteria keepers. For cleaning these tools, wash them with shampoo until the water runs clear or try special makeup brush cleaners that are often comprised of alcohol or other bacteria busting ingredients.


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