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How to Make a Small Place Look Bigger

January 27, 2015

Whether you’re moving into a small home or you’ve been living in a small space for a while, there are many quick and easy ideas for making your cozy space feel homey and huge. If you feel cramped or cornered in your current living arrangement, there’s a plethora of design ideas and inspiration for turning your mini-home into a major crib.

Toss Today
Most people have too much stuff; too many children’s toys, too many books and too many kitchen accessories, trinkets and clothes. The first step to making a space feel large and in charge is to clear the clutter by donating dated goods or storing precious items.

High Five
Even the tiniest spaces have vertical room, which can be utilized with the right furniture. High reaching furniture serves double-duty by making a space feel less crowded but also creates more available room for storage. Try and find the right modular shelving units, bookcases and tall multi-door cabinets to store and house keepsakes and housewares.

Mirror, Mirror
Many design tricks will save a small space from feeling oompa loompa friendly. Try a large art painting on the wall to make a space feel richer and heartier, place mirrors strategically to visually trick the eye and use wallpaper on the paint or ceiling to create the illusion of more depth and height.

Uptown Funk
When devising the design and décor elements for a living area, the best strategy is to use multi-purpose items, which clear clutter and close off a space. Try a coffee table that doubles as a desk or an open ottoman, which hides, blankets, books and toys.

Mean Clean
Nothing makes a home feel more organized and larger than when all the gunk and grime is gone. Do a serious clean or hire the professionals like here at Solano Maids! We specialize in taking a messy home from sad to stunning!
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