Smile Challenge


I challenge you to smile…everyday.

I believe that as a people we walk around with so many things heavy on our minds that we forget to smile. I make it a practice, especially in the mornings when I’m not feeling my best and alert, to greet everyone with a smile that I can to make eye contact with. You never know the impact that will have on someone. In my own experience, as a teenager attending Berkley High School, I was walking down Shattuck Avenue, mind full of thought, but staring at the ground as I walked. I heard a voice say, “Hey young lady, always hold your head up.” I looked up to see a very elderly man sitting at the bus bench. When our eyes met, he had the biggest smile on his face. I held my head up and walked away with a smile big enough to hold the world. To this day, I know exactly what that gentleman looked like. I wish I could tell him thank you. His smile and his uplifting words changed something in me that day. Never again have I walked with my head down and I always smile at strangers.

Enjoy your day and don’t forget, I challenge you to smile.  🙂


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