Who’s Cleaning Your House?

The state of the economy has forced everyone to keep a close watch on their wallets. Yet, people still have the need for certain services that are considered “luxuries.” House cleaning is one of these services.

As unemployment rates continue to skyrocket and the number of people out of work increases, ads for house cleaning are being posted daily on boards such as Craig’s List.

Below are some things to consider when you are selecting a cleaning service, whether it’s an individual, an independent company or a franchise.

There are many cleaning services that will hire cleaners and not take into account the persons background, check their references,  search for a past criminal history, or identify current drug use.

If your cleaning service’s employees are cleaning while you are not home, your keys are provided to the cleaning team as well as alarm codes and other personal information. Therefore it is important that the cleaning service you use has thorough hiring practices in place.

Do they conduct reference as well as criminal background checks? Not the type of background checks you can run for free on the internet. Are they using a reputable company that can perform the thoroughness that is needed? Ask them.

Drug screening? Does your cleaning company perform pre-employment as well as random drug screening of their employees. Ask them.

Is your cleaning company licensed and insured? Ask them.

Do they cover their employees with workers compensation insurance? Ask them. Homeowners must understand that they put themselves at risk when their cleaning service does not carry this insurance. If a cleaner is injured at your home, you can be sued!

All these items are REQUIRED by the State of California. Cleaning companies are required to pay employment taxes on wages and should not pay their employees under the table. Ask them.

Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of insurance, references from past clients, as well as be present for the first cleaning so that you will know who is in your home.

Take the time out to investigate who’s cleaning your home…you may be surprised.


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